The Italian Archaeological Groups which proposed and founded the European Forum of Archaeological Associations ( now re-named as European Forum of Associations for cultural heritage), in view of the fact that in the Mediterranean countries cultural contacts - mainly at archaeological level -among both voluntary or no profit associations, in particular among youth, are scarce, intend to build up KOINÈ, Mediterranean Forum of associations for the safeguard of cultural heritage concerning landscape and in particular archaeological sites.
Mediterranean sea is a natural boundary among countries with centuries of similar history and civilization. We think that this cultural homogeneity may contribute through common and well aimed initiatives to preserve and diffuse the existence of cultural, archaeological and landscape heritage. Having the essential unity of the Mediterranean countries in mind, we founded KOINÈ.
Therefore, all those associations which agree on these aims are invited to participate to this important proposal and initiative.


The aim of KOINÈ (Mediterranean Forum of associations for the safeguard of cultural and landscape heritage) is that of increasing - mainly among youth - the consciousness of the common Mediterranean identity , though with regional diversities, through the study, protection and valorisation of cultural heritage (in particular archaeological ) and landscape by means of the following programme, which in principle is related to the:

1. Institution of a Forum for the elaboration of common policies and encouragement towards bi-lateral activities among independent Mediterranean countries associations where volunteers participate to the protection, study, didactic promotion and valorisation of common cultural and environmental patrimony.
2. Valorisation and promotion of the role of the Mediterranean countries associations as a tool for educating and sensitising public opinion in the protection and valorisation of cultural and environmental heritage.
3. Promotion of multidisciplinary contacts and ideas' exchange for efficient actions towards cultural and environmental heritage in its social context.
4. Elaboration of policies and programmes for exchanges between organisations participating to KOINÈ.
5. Encouragement of initiatives among Mediterranean countries for protection and valorisation cultural and environmental heritage
6. Encouragement of voluntary work in the field of cultural and environmental heritage, especially among youth, through international projects.
7. Promotion of the exchange of information and documents among associations participating to KOINÈ in the field of didactic and valorisation of cultural and environmental heritage.
8. Encouragement of training projects, co-ordinated by volunteers and young people in particular, aimed at establishing competence levels in the field of cultural and environmental heritage and promoting the recognition of these skills by professional bodies responsible for the management of cultural and landscape heritage.
9. Stimulating bodies and staff responsible for management and fruition of cultural and landscape heritage to use the collaboration of volunteers who are members of associations participating to KOINÈ.

The final text of Statute and Rules (as for the above mentioned objectives and in accordance to national legislation of participating countries) will be elaborated at the moment of the official constitution of KOINÈ.




What is the Mediterranean sea? Thousands things together:
It is not one landscape, but numerous landscapes,
It is not one sea, but a complex of seas,
It is not one civilization, but a number of civilisations
Stocked one over the others.
(Fernand Braudel)